Retaining Walls Construction

in Birmingham, Al

In many parts of Alabama, retaining walls are necessary. Due to our hilly landscape, extra support is sometimes needed to prevent the earth from moving downhill with erosion. Battling gravity is a retaining wall's most basic function! They can also be used to create more living space in your yard. This is done by grading the land from it's natural slope and installing a retaining wall. This can add ample square footage of living space for your family!

Geostone Block System

At Mancha Hardscapes, we exclusively use Geostone medular block system. These blocks interlock by using grid and gravel and is extremely long-last, effective and easy to install.

  • Landscape Block 4"x18"12"
    • 36 lbs
    • 1/4 cubic ft - corefill
    • 3.78" radius
    • Wall face square footage per block = 1/2
    • Block per pallet - 72

  • Standard Block 8"x18"x12"
    • 72 lbs
    • 1/2 cubic ft - corefill
    • 3.25' radius
    • Wall face square footage per block = 1
    • Block per pallet - 40
  • Cap Block
    • 56 lbs
    • 4.33' Radius
    • Avg Linear footage (straight) = 16" per block
    • Avg Linear footage (radius) = 18" per block
    • Block per pallet = 56 

Lakefront Retaining Walls

With the many beautiful lakes that are integrated throughout central Alabama, seawalls are often necessary as well. A seawall is a wall structure that is erected on a shoreline to prevent erosion and protect the land. Mancha Hardscapes works with many homeowners on our local lakes to install new seawalls or replace and repair existing ones.


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Scott Valentine


Russell Goldfinger


Caroline McKenzie


Mancha delivered the most professional and pain-free home improvement project I've ever had done. (And I've been through my fair share.) Each and every person we came in contact with was knowledgable, courteous, and easy to communicate with. The final result (a 72 foot retaining wall) looks great and we would happily work with them again!

William Walker


Quality professional work. My back deck looks fabulous. I should’ve done this 20 years ago.

Micheal Blagg


I have been working with John Mancha for over a decade now. He has built several walls for me.
Great work ethic and a great family man.

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