Classic Freeform Designs Trilogy Fiberglass Pools

in Birmingham, Al

Looking for a classic freeform fiberglass pool in Birmingham, Al? Mancha Hardscapes Pools & Spas offers 4 Trilogy Classic Freeform shapes below: Enterprise, Mariner, Sentari and Perseus. They all come with corner steps, and at least two corner benches. Call our team, if you have any questions (205) 849-9117 or visit our store.


Classic Freeform fiberglass pool with one set of steps, two benches in the opposite corners.

Dimensions: shallow end 3'7", deep end 5'5", width 12', length 25', 6,000 gallons


Freeform fiberglass pool with four corners, one corner is for steps, rest are benches.

Dimensions: shallow end 3'7", deep end 5'11", width 14', length 30', 10,000 gallons


This fiberglass pool has the same shape and features as Mariner above. This pool is 2' wider and 5' longer.

Pool dimensions: shallow end 3'7", deep end 5'10", width 16', length 35', 15,000 gallons.


This Freeform fiberglass pool also comes with four corners as Mariner and Sentari, but it is 5' longer than Sentari and 10' longer than Mariner. 

Pool dimensions: shallow end 3'5", deep end 8', width 16', length 40', 19,600 gallons.

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