Gunite & Concrete Swimming Pools

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Are you thinking of adding a swimming pool in Birmingham, Al? Consider a concrete/gunite pool. It might be more affordable than you realize. A concrete pool adds value to your property. They are also customizable in size, color, and features. Want your own lagoon or lazy river? We will work with you on the design of your dreams.

Shotcrete And Gunite Differences

Shotcrete & Gunite are two different methods for “concrete” pools. The difference is primarily in the mixing of the concrete, but the end result is the same. Both are jetted on to reinforced rebar walls. The term “Gunite” is the more common term and may be used for concrete pools in general.

The Construction Process

Once you decide on a pool, we will work with you on the design and details. From there, we will layout the pool size and shape on your property to confirm the exact location. The next step is excavation to prepare the site. Then we install the wood and the rebar framework. After the frame is in place, we add the circulatory system of the pool – plumbing and piping. Once we shoot the concrete (gunite is applied to rebar) the pool takes shape. The coping adds a decorative statement for the pool edge. Coping is the stone or concrete used to cap off the swimming pool's shell walls. The water’s top edge is personalized with ceramic tile. The icing on the cake is the plaster. The plaster can be almost any color. Once we add pool accessories and complete the deck, we are ready to "open" your pool for swimming.

Gunite Pool Plaster Colors

Mancha Hardscapes offers a wide variety of plaster finishes. Our specialty - plaster colors can be mixed together to create truly unique swimming pool finish.
Take a look at the variety of our all of our plaster colors HERE.

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We continue to love our pool renovation (pavers, coping etc). They were easy to work with and I would recommend them. However, I agree with the monster truck comment...the cement truck cracked my driveway.

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