Vinyl liners Swimming Pool Construction Steps


When you make the decision to build a new pool with a vinyl liner swimming pool, call us. We will schedule a meeting with you at our Birmingham/Vestavia Hills office to discuss your dream pool. After the construction decisions are made, we will finalize the paperwork with you. Mancha Hardscapes has been in the liner pool construction industry for over 18 years with many happy and satisfied customers. We will make sure your liner pool is built with the highest quality material and labor, and it will last for years to come. If you have any further questions, please call our office at (205) 849-9117.

  • Excavating & Grading

    • Mancha Hardscapes grades and excavates the entire construction area as needed. Usually the backyard is the desired location for the future vinyl liner pool. Specific for a vinyl pool, we dig the hole for the pool about 30" wider than usual. This is because we need room to place the wall panel braces.

01 Excavating
05 Excavating
06 Excavating

  • Walls installation

    • When the excavation is complete, our crew starts working on wall panels assembly. The sides of a vinyl liner pool are built from steel panels that are screwed together. Behind the walls are vertical braces.

01 Wall Assambly
02 Wall Assembly
03 Wall Assembly

  • Adding concrete to secure the footing of the walls

01 Concrete Footing
02 Concrete Footing
03 Concrete Footing


  • Vinyl Liner Pool Plumbing Installation

    • After the wall assembly, we dig trenches from the pool pump site towards to the pool, skimmers, main drain and any other pool features. Our crew will lay all the necessary 2" pvc pipes. We pressure test the entire plumbing system before we cover the pipes.

01 Pool Plumbing
03 Pool Plumbing
05 Pool Plumbing

  • Vinyl liner base installation

    • This step is also very important! The exposed top soil on the base of any vinyl liner pool area has to be covered by a grout mixture. This provides the best strength and durability for the entire swimming pool. A well compact vinyl liner pool base will prevent any rocks from popping out and tearing/ripping your liner.

01 Base
02 Base
03 Base

  • Backfilling around the vinyl pool, grading


01 Backfilling
02 Backfilling
03 Backfilling

  • Deck and patio installation

02 Deck Installation
03 Deck Installation
04 Deck Installation

  • Liner installation

03 Vinyl Installation
05 Vinyl Installation
07 Vinyl Installation

  • Vinyl liner pool start up

01 Start Up
02 Startup
03 Startup


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Brandon Blagg

Brandon Blagg

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Tragg Tew

Tragg Tew

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Always does a beautiful job

Caroline McKenzie

Caroline McKenzie

Via Google

Mancha delivered the most professional and pain-free home improvement project I've ever had done. (And I've been through my fair share.) Each and every person we came in contact with was knowledgable, courteous, and easy to communicate with. The final result (a 72 foot retaining wall) looks great and we would happily work with them again!

Rachel Morgan Slaton

Rachel Morgan Slaton

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We continue to love our pool renovation (pavers, coping etc). They were easy to work with and I would recommend them. However, I agree with the monster truck comment...the cement truck cracked my driveway.

Diane Maier Knight

Diane Maier Knight

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They always do an exceptional job. they installed a heater on our pool this year and has made sure that it is working properly. We can not thank John and his crew enough for all their hard work.


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